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I might be ready to give up.
This place has not helped me achieve any of my goals.
I've become fat. I've lost myself to my old eating habits. I really thought this fat person who eats emotionally was gone for good, but this place brought it back.
I've been injured for over four months now, with the lamest injury EVER.
I realize now how useless and pathetic I am.
Apparently nobody really likes me here either. and the only people I really cared about seem to be.. ignoring me, or at least keeping their distance, lately.
Augh, what's the point.

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I'm posting this from a random hotel room in Xuzhou - a pretty big city in the Middle of Nowhere AKA Jiangsu province, China - where I stayed tonight with a few friends from the academy and my old roomie.

So today is.. March 12th. Which means it's been over three months since I moved to China to learn kung fu. To be honest I haven't learned much, as I've been injured, and only started seriously training last week, when master Bao decided my injury is taking too long to recover so I should just ignore the pain and train, like they used to do in the Shaolin temple.

It's been a pretty rough three months nevertheless. Chinese winter is nothing like Israeli winter, and my body was in no way prepared for it. down to -10c degrees, snow, no heating. I gained so much weight- not training and eating so much to stay warm, I feel disgusted with myself. Living conditions are really basic, China is really stinky and even though I don't want to use the term "culture shock", it's definitely been.. different.

Anyway, I did learn some kung fu- even if I'm only now starting to run and go into lower stances, improved my Chinese skills quite a lot- I'm now considered to be the student who knows the most Chinese! Made a lot of good friends, some of them Shaolin kung fu masters which I find awesome. I'm hoping the extra weight will go away now that the weather is warming up and I'm training again.

Yesterday I went to this job.. interview thing, and taught a bunch of 7-9 y/o Chinese kids some English. I'm supposed to start working today, two hours every weekend, for a pretty good amount of money. I honestly don't know why- I've never taught before and I don't really need the money, and it's not like I have too much spare time either... It just.. came up.

Meh, hope you're all well!

First day in China
This could not have been a weirder day.

I met some nice people at the guest house I'm staying at, and we went out together to eat scorpions and snakes.

Then some taxi driver tried to rip us off and we had to run away. :)

Also got a nice bag (which would've cost me 600~ nis back at home) and payed only 45nis for it, half of the initial price.

I found some ice cream in China!

Moving to China
December 1st, that's the date I'll be moving to China for 6 months. Maybe more, maybe even less if it turns out to be blah.. but I'm aiming for at least that.
I'll be staying in a kung fu academy in Xinyi, which is a city in the north of the Jiangsu province, not far from the eastern coast of China.

I'm pretty excited. It's going to be hard for sure, but I'm hoping to come back a better (fitter) person. :)

I quit my job obviously, and in two and a half weeks I won't be there anymore. They told me not to tell anyone around me that I quit, which is making me.. miserable. I told some people I trust but.. well it would feel so much better if everyone knew. I have to watch what I say and what I put on facebook etc, all the time. 

Anyway, so much to do and so many things to take care of, like finding someone who will be willing to take care of my cats, renting my apartment, selling my car, learn some Chinese and whatnot. I hope I don't chicken out. I really really want to do this. 
In fact, I think I'll book the tickets next week.
Wish me good luck?

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So finally, after a million years of not eating any real food, made myself some lunch today!

Glass noodles with soy&lemon sauce and grilled chicken breast.
Small salad with crushed almonds.  

Rice with vegetables in cinnamon (carrot, sweet potato, peas, onion and green onion). Salad with a fig.

Veggie balls
And spare me all the "I didn't know vegetables had balls" jokes. :)
The MakingCollapse )

They were surprisingly yummy!

Soondubu Jigae
Soondubu Jigae - a spicy Korean tofu soup dish I first tasted at Hey Kyung's restaurant in Japan.
It was delicious. I was never a big fan of soups (or tofu, or spicy food) but the two soups I ate there just left me craving for more. This one was my favorite of the two- tender meat, tofu and some greens, in a spicy heavenly boiling soup / stew.

So, even though I didn't have the recipe, I bought some soft tofu yesterday and boldly decided to just google for it. 
I was shocked to find out it was basically a mushroom fish broth that gave the soup its unique flavor - especially because I hate mushrooms, or so I thought. I didn't have most required ingredients, so I just mixed up a few recipes and created my own with what I had. Without mushrooms, of course.

And yummy it was. I've managed to convince myself there were no mushrooms in the one I had in Japan either, because there was nothing missing from the flavor of the soup itself. Maybe it was just a little more fishy than meaty, as I had remembered it.
Only thing I regret is not having a bowl of plain rice to go with it. And I may have gone a little crazy with the spicy sauce, because my lips are still burning. :) But it was delicious.



Chubby funky shapes, hehe. :)
They were so tiny when I got them, though!

I made myself some sushi from brown short-grain rice. because I figured, maybe I just need to stop eating nothing, I mean I've lost 7kgs already and I'm tired of collapsing, throwing up, and being dizzy all the time. This morning kind of got to me, I'll admit.
It was delicious. and the brown rice, surprisingly, tasted just as good if not better than regular sushi rice.


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